Co-Chairs: Provide leadership within the Association, call and chair meetings, function as Association contact for external organizations; authorize financial transactions in concert with the Treasurer and/or one other Table Officer.

Treasurer: Manages the finances of the Association. Prepares year-end financials.

Secretary: Takes minutes of meetings and co-ordinates posts to Website, prepares summaries of year-end activities and maintains the records of the association

Membership Co-Officers: Maintains the list of members; leads recruitment of new members. Processes memberships & renewals. Grows member engagement to strengthen our community.

Website & Newsletter Editor: Ensures website content stays current. Creates newsletter content. Maintains email list and sends out email newsletters. Updates website and social media with newsletter content.

Social Media: Makes updates on social media. Creates events on Facebook. Grows social media engagement to promote a sense of community.

Event Coordinator: Create event plans. Coordinates preparations for events. Post-event assessment and follow-up.

Business Liaison position: Create a link between PANA and its members, and area small businesses. Addresses business concerns and brings forth community concerns and opportunities from PANA members to business owners.

Urban League Representative: Attends monthly meetings of Urban League, acting as representative of PANA. Reports back to PANA about resources, issues, trends and opportunities in community at large.